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            Video of 2018

            AIMS2018 第五屆中國原位電離質譜會議視頻!



            Ms. Echo Jia

            Tel:+861064399978 Ext.6006


            2015 Registered Delegates

            More than 180 delegates in 2015 conference site, here is the list of some delegates
            J Chin MS Society
            Sun Yat-Sen University
            CAS Changchun Inst App Chem
            CAS ECO Center
            CAS Shanghai Inst Org Chem
            CAS SIMM
            CAS Inst Chem
            CAS Inst Animal Sci
            CAMS IMM
            China Petroleum University

            Why This Event?

            Over the past few years, China has been constantly experiencing the food safety and environmental pollution issues along with its humongous expansion of economic scale and GDP. It has been frequently reported that the recent crisis including excessive exposure levels of heavy metal in rice, abundant presence of plasticizer in liquor, adulteration of melamine and DCD, excessive presence of veterinary drugs and pesticides residue, and so on, have been severely challenging people’s nerve on their health, safety, and the standard of living in China, as well as China government’s decisions in maintaining a balanced economic growth rate and a greener and safer nation with high quality of international standards. Therefore the analytical monitoring industry is being under the unprecedented pressure. It also imposes huge challenges to scientists in searching for fast, effective, specific and sensitive approaches of detection and control of toxic and harmful substances from various and complex biological matrices. The multifarious and complicated nature of sample cardinality, tedious sample pretreatment, varied data analysis and many uncertain human factors make the traditional detection technology limited by the bottlenecks of efficiency, sensitivity and speed. How to find the "green" "rapid" "non-destructive" and " In-situ" detecting method besets the analytical industry and regulatory agencies much. What will be the next generation predominant technology in the analytical world?

            The highly successful Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry Conference is a unique event bringing together over 300 leading specialists from various analytical fields. Now it’s under preparation and entering its 6th year! The conference provides the opportunity to meet and network with reputed industry experts and investments, to share knowledge and benefit from innovative ideas. The key trends, latest case studies will be presented by the leading players worldwide of all ambient ionization technologies. Responding to the international trend, AIMS2019 conference is being held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, 14th -16th November





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